Counting crocodiles for conservation
Organising Committee
Dhaval Patel
He is the founder and managing trustee of Voluntary Nature Conservancy. Since 1988, he has been actively involved in environment education, awareness, andprotection protection, and has more than 20 years of experience in educating the public. He is co-opted member of Animal Welfare Board of India, and is appointed as Honorary Wildlife Warden for Anand district. He is an active part of the crocodile research team at VNC, and assist in developing educational programs for creating awareness about crocodiles.
Anirudh Vasava
He works as a project coordinator with VNC where he develops research and conservation projects. He is a member of the SSC/IUCN - Crocodile Specialist Group, and manages the crocodile research and conservation initiative at VNC. He developed and formalised the “Charotar Crocodile Count”, and has been successfully coordinating the program for the last six years.
Mehul Patel
Mehul Patel coordinates education as well as wildlife rescue and rehabilitation programme of VNC and is actively involved in the mitigation of urban HWC since 2009. He has provided reptile education to more than a lakh of people in both urban and rural regions of Charotar. As, a part of crocodile research team, he has conducted several educational programs for creating awareness about crocodile.
Dr. Raju Vyas
Dr. Vyas has 30 year’s extensive research and field experience in various herpetological projects and has been carrying out extensive assessment and mitigation of human mugger conflicts in the Gujarat state. He is the joint Vice Chair of the IUCN/SSC/ Crocodile Specialist Group - South Asia and Iran, and a member of the IUCN/SSC South Asian Amphibian and Reptile Specialist Group and IUCN/SSC/ Conservation Breeding Specialist Group.
Soham Mukherjee
Soham is a herpetologist and wildlife rehabilitator based in Ahmedabad. In the past he has worked with various organisations such as Animal Help Foundation, Madras Crocodile Bank Trust (MCBT), The Gerry Martin Project and Humane Society International. He was instrumental in enrichment and behavioural training programs for crocodilians at MCBT. He currently works for human-crocodile conflict mitigation and snakebite mitigation projects in Gujarat.
Vishal Mistry
Vishal has been involved in wildlife rescue and rehabitation for more than ten years and has broad experience as research assistance in various research projects. He has assisted in surveys of carnivores in and vulture population in various parts of Gujarat. In the past he has worked with prestigious organisations such as the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) and Wildlife Institute of India.